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APPLICATION: Diaphragm Seals are designed to isolate the sensing element of pressure gauges, pressure switches and electronic pressure transmitters from process liquids which may be corrosive, viscous, sedimentous and / or with a high temperature. The diaphragm is welded to the upper body and leak proof tested to ensure separation of filling fluid from process medium. Diaphragm faced position permit an accurate and deeper cleaning. Process sizes are ANSI/UNI/DIN flanged to suit application in pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, water treatment, paper and food process industries.

model-wafer-filling-liquids.gif (2436 bytes)
model-wafer-dimensions.gif (6580 bytes)
model-wafer-conn-din.gif (2336 bytes)

model-wafer-conn-ansi.gif (2475 bytes)

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